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Sola wood flowers are 

-Made from Shola - Thinly shaved layers - tree bark -Similar texture to that to thickly layered paper providing the delicate appearance of fresh flowers

-Material allow them to be your forever flower with proper care 

-Each flower has its own uniqueness because they’re handmade

-Many have brown markings from the bark of the wood or holes from the knots of the tree


-Suitable outdoors if covered and behind storm doors, or these can be weatherized for more outdoor 


Care Instructions

-Storage – pieces are made with sola flowers and often, greenery, which are natural materials, so must

        be stored in vented spaces to deter from mildew/mold from occurring

-If the flower becomes damaged= simply embrace the uniqueness and touch up needed areas with 

        similar colored paint = acrylic or latex (usually Behr interior/exterior pain). To fix misshapen flowers 

        simply apply stem and carefully reposition the flower

-Dust when necessary – Compressed air from 6” or more away

-Do not apply water or allow moisture unless the piece/flowers have been coated in sealant